Which Painting is Best For Bedroom Feng Shui?

If you are wondering which painting is best for a bedroom based on the feng shui tips, here are some things to consider:

Fish in water

A fish in water painting is one of the best bedroom feng shui choices. Water is a good symbol for wealth, and the auspicious meaning of a surplus year after year is added by the fish. Bamboo is also a good choice, since it implies promotion step by step. Both fish and bamboo paintings are auspicious. And traditional Chinese paintings improve relationships. Here are some tips for choosing a painting in your bedroom:



It is important to think about the objects in your bedroom. Remove items that relate to your work or previous relationships to create a more romantic environment. Then, choose a color to bring the energy of love into the room. Light blue, lavender, or green are good choices for walls. Avoid placing TVs and other electronic devices in the bedroom, as these objects absorb energy and may distract you during romantic moments.


Indoor plants and flowers are wonderful ways to add warmth to your bedroom. Before you buy any plants or flowers, though, you should know how they affect your health and energy. Not all flowers are suitable for the bedroom. Learn more about the right flowers for your room here! Below, we'll take a closer look at a few of our favorites. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice for your bedroom!


One of the most common feng shui rules for a bedroom is that the occupant should have a commanding position. This essentially means the bed needs to be in a central position in the room so that the occupant can see opportunities. The doorway should be in a central position, too, but not completely in alignment with the door. Modern feng shui practices include adopting a ‘less is more' philosophy and decluttering the room. Bedrooms are places where one can relax and recharge; excessive clutter may cause sleep disruptions, irritability and depression.
North-East facing room

A north-east facing bedroom is a great choice if you want to create a peaceful environment for sleep. According to feng shui, this room should have a balance of earth and fire energies. Choose earth tones and add gold touches to enhance the ambiance. The colors you choose for your bedroom should reflect these elements, as well as your personal preferences and taste. There are a few things you should avoid when decorating your room.


The right feng shui bedroom accessories can promote a good night's rest. A headboard is a good place to place artwork, as it symbolizes support. Be sure to choose a headboard made of soft material with no sharp edges, and be sure to place the artwork in a neutral color with a calming pattern. To add to the positive feng shui energy in the room, you can add a vanilla-scented candle, a jar of water, and a white noise machine. Alternatively, you can play soothing music through a music player.


According to feng shui, you can paint the bookshelves in your bedroom to attract positive energy. This is because the bookcases have a commanding position, which enables the occupant to see opportunities and problems. However, the ideal layout of bookshelves is not always aligned with the doorway. Modern feng shui practices have promoted the practice of decluttering. The bedroom should be a place for rest and relaxation, but excess clutter can disrupt sleep and even lead to depression and irritability.

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