How to hang a canvas painting with wire

If you have a canvas painting that you want to hang, you'll need to learn how to hang it with wire. Generally, hanging a canvas painting requires a hanging wire that's eight to ten inches (20 to 25 cm) longer than the D-rings. To start, thread the wire through the “o”s on the back of the frame a few times. This will create a sturdy band of metal, with some slack for easy hanging. To start hanging the piece, place the painting over the nail and loop the wire through twice.

The first step in hanging your canvas is to mark the location of the screws. Some D-ring hangers come with a screw in one end. For a heavier canvas, you'll need two screws. To mark the screws, use a pencil and mark them with a hammer. To position the screw holes, measure the distance between the bottom of one D-ring and the center of the canvas.

The next step in hanging a canvas is to find the location for the screw eye. For the most stable hanger, choose a spot that's near the bottom of the frame. Choosing the right location means knowing exactly where to place the screw holes and which ones are the best height for your canvas. You can find screw eye fasteners at any hardware store. Make sure to measure your canvas carefully. You don't want to damage the art or the frame in the process.


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