Wholesale Paintings from Chinese Art Supplier

Art in Bulk oil paintings covered the complete selection of fine art history from Renaissance, Academic Classicism, Baroque Art, Impressionism, to Post Impressionism art, and so on, we are also provide service of drop ship art.

Our painting subjects include Figure painting, Woman painting, Nude painting, Landscape painting, Animal painting, Architecture painting, Religion painting and so on. You can choose any image from our website and put the order online. Or Contact us for the image from you. For any painting we'll arrange the best artist to paint when you confirm the order. We wholesale paintings at competitive price.

For the unique painting, you can purchase the painting presently we have, if the sizes aren't best for your needs, please phone us together with your specific requirement, we'll arrange the same artist to paint on your demands.

With a large number of happy customers in lots of nations around the world, we are one of professional suppliers of custom oil painting China.

We provide oil painting reproduction masterpieces of all categories. Offer you the bottom prices for our masterpieces oil painting reproduction and even portraits paintings in the world, You may also take a look at these trendy oil paintings reproductions.

Allow our skilled portrait artists convey this message for you with a high quality 100% hand painted custom commission executive, corporate, academic or government portrait painting to hang in boardroom, your workplace ,your bed room,your family room or workplace.Our portraits painting consist of Family portrait, children portrait, baby portrait, pet portrait, Corporate and Executive Oil Portraits, Government portrait painting etc .. An oil portrait painting of your beloved or pet painted from image by artist is a specific gift for birthday, Christmas, wedding, anniversary and special events. Imagine! You can now have a Impressive true-to-life oil portrait painting of you or someone dear to you created just for you – at a fraction of price created by innovative and well trained artist. It can become a family antique – handed down from generation to generation. We were paint the portrait for British imperial family, Europe's congressman,famous singers and some movie stars.

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