Best Way of Buying Solar Panels

Are you tired and frustrated after going through so much hassle of buying solar power panels from your local store? Well you are not the only one thinking how to save money while installing solar power equipment at home. Think about this, solar power panels have become so popular today because it offers homeowners a better way to save money than buying ready made panels and creating you panels on your own.

What most people don't know is that it are very easy to make a perfect solar panel like those you see on the market in the market. It cost you less than $200 to build a panel on your own like professional solar power equipment. If you are concerned about the getting the project done, here are the easy instructions you will find to learn how to make solar power panels at home.

These are the things you are going to need:

  • A sheet of copper flashing
  • A sensitive micro-ammeter
  • Sheet metal shears
  • A sensitive micrometer
  • Saltwater
  • Sheet metal shears

Most important of all you need to have some tips that will guide you with your DIY project:

So what are you waiting for? Be your own solar power equipment provider, if you try and make a solar panel at home you will find out that it is so easy and you will also discover the best way to avoid paying a high cost of ready made solar panels.

This is how you will make the unit:

Step 1: Measure the size of your roof

This must be done correctly so that your solar power equipment is able to generate maximum solar power. The solar materials must be used correctly.

Step 2: Cut the copper sheet with the size that you have measured, usually 2×4 feet.

Step 3: Take the front part of the sheet and cut it down to a size that is only 1×2.

Step 4: Place the sheet over the copper sheet with the side facing up.

Step 5: Take a metal shear and carefully remove the layer of the copper by cutting ½ inch portion of it based on the size of the copper sheet.

Step 6: Cut the sheet of metal using the steel cutting pliers by about ¼ inch.

Step 7: Now, take the sheet metal shear and cut out the side copper piece.

Step 8: Cut the metal with the cutting pliers by about half. It must be cut one quarter of an inch long.

Step 9: Design and cut the solar power panels

This is the basic design to make solar power panels at home. The angle must be the same as the one on your roof.


Now that you are done with the design, cells are needed to be coiled up. Make sure you have wired them to the positive and negative poles. The negative pole must be placed on the negative rod while the positive pole must be on the positive rod.


Silicon glue and solder must be used to put on each copper conductor for added protection. You need to use only one wire at a time to save more time.

In a box shape, the solar power panels are made. The electric wires which are used later are similar to those used on laptop computers. Do not forget to use a drill to attach the mounting plate on the roof top.


Test the solar power panel by turning it on.

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